What Could We Be Doing Instead?

Despite the fact that this site is a form of social media, I am not a big fan of social media. I don’t use it often and lately I find myself shying away from social sites where I am forced to read a constant feed of every waking thought of my fellow human beings. Not every thought is one that should be shared. Very often, some of these thoughts are not going to win the individual posting them entrance into MENSA. I do not need to know that you pee to the left. Nor do I need to know that you locked the door to your house before going to work. That is NOT a “raise the roof” moment. Just saying….

Too often it is a place to gossip, share passive-aggressive behavior, bully others, or just be a negative pain in the ass. We have a tool at our fingertips to gain knowledge, share ideas, spread some positivity, encourage others, and even bring about social change. What do we do with it? We use it to tear each other down. We use it to be petty. We use it to bully someone and spread hate and discontent. The internet can be used for so many things. We can harness the power of this entity or at the very least use it to our advantage.

I understand that our world and our lives are made up of both positive and negative events, feelings, news,etc…. We are a sum of all our experiences and it is important to have a full range of experiences and emotions to be a whole person. I am not suggesting that we only be a fucking “ray of sunshine” at every moment and stick our heads in the sand every time something is bad or we don’t want to deal with it. Nor am I suggesting that everything we post up be of a serious or educational nature. I enjoy a funny meme, video, story as much as the next person. I am merely suggesting think before you write. Other people read what you write. Fair or unfair, they form opinions on you based on what you write. Could we put forth more of an effort to share things that will help bring change for future generations? Could we write things that may help others through their struggle? Could we share educational and interesting information instead of worrying about what the hell Taylor Swift is wearing and what her cat is doing?

I found myself over the last year feeling very negative about a couple of social media sites that I was on. One in particular left me with a very toxic taste in my mouth. I use this particular site to attend events, network, and keep up with friends. Not everyone on my list is a friend. Some are acquaintances,  groups, events, teachers, etc…. I won’t go into the details but the reasons listed in the beginning of my post are the very reason I do not make a frequent presence on the site. I realized it was poisoning my view of the lifestyle that I love so much. It was also poisoning my view of people in general.

I am a fairly bright person but sometimes I let stupid things dominate my time. So instead of allowing myself to be brought down by the drama, I changed my course. I still am very interested in the lifestyle I hinted about above. I also have other interests, passions, goals, and life pursuits.  So what is a Gender Fluid human to do?

After a little reassessment of the situation, I am getting back on track. I am on several sites now sharing my knowledge and wisdom with everyone who is smart enough to listen (LOL that was a joke. I am a sarcastic ass sometimes.) Seriously, though I am now finding a way to share my thoughts, my finds on the internet, things that I find important and hopefully, it will be of interest to others.  Mahatma Gandhi said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

So, the moral of the story is that I want to see change in what I see on social media sites. So I going to follow the words of Gandhi in my own way and see if I can change the world. Okay, maybe just my corner of it.


2 thoughts on “What Could We Be Doing Instead?

  1. I agree with you! I find having a blog on here is what I was looking for in two other social media I was on. It is a very freeing feeling. I think I share more than to much at times and repost a lot on my status update site. *shrugs* Most of the time I use it for myself anyways and as a bookmark. Enjoyed reading your thoughts. Good luck!


    1. I agree. It is a very freeing feeling. I probably won’t be a daily writer but it should be a good outlet for me. Plus, I get to read other people’s blogs which I really enjoy. Thank you for the comment! I am looking forward to reading your blog as well and good luck to you as well.

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