Daily Writing Prompt #11 Ghosts

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Today’s writing prompt was brought to us via vexingpoint

What are your thoughts and opinions on ghosts?

There are many theories  on ghosts, paranormal activity, spirits, entities, haunting, and so on. I know that I will mostly likely catch a lot of flack for this, but fuck it. I do believe there is something to the theory of paranormal. I believe there is something out there beyond my understanding. Every since I was little, I have always been interested in anything to do with the “supernatural.”

There is a movie (well, technically a mini series) done by Stephen King call Rose Red. In it the professor says something that I find is a  pretty accurate explanation for my feelings on the subject. Please don’t shoot the messenger (me)for not quoting the movie accurately today LOL. Basically she states that despite the tattered reputation of this field of study, it is a worthy pursuit to find the truth.

Why can’t there be a scientific explanation for what we consider the paranormal phenomenon?  It bothers me that we so easily want to dismiss that which we can’t explain with current scientific methods. We discuss energy and how it can neither be created or destroyed. Why is it that we can’t possibly conceive that it can be molded into something else entirely? Why can’t we entertain the thought that we might be able to gather and direct it?

For many years, we thought that the world was flat.  We thought that rotten meat spontaneously burst into worms. Tourette’s and epilepsy were thought to be demonic possession. These are just a couple of examples of things that existed but science and medicine had not caught up yet. You could probably fill several hundred volumes with things it took science years to explain. Really, is it so far-fetched to believe that there might possibly be life after death? Is it so hard to swallow the possibility that we get caught in parallel existences or planes when we die?

What is to say we don’t leave an energy signature behind when we pass on? Why do we get bad feelings being in certain places or with certain people? Some call it intuition. Some call it sixth sense, a warning system, etc… Regardless of what we call it, people use it all the time. Is there some portion of our brain that is capable of recognize these energies?

I know Ghosts and the paranormal subject gets an extreme amount of bad press. Every nutjob and his brother want to claim that every sound and experience is immediately a demon, ghost, evil entity, poltergeist, or haunting. Take your choosing on the labeling because everyone has a different opinion and there is no standard on the naming of something. I grant those kind of people and some of the reality shows really kick the idea of legitimacy right in the ass. However, there are people, (and scientists, they are people too LOL) that  truly believe in many forms of the paranormal. They take a serious dedication to studying it and finding out the answers. Maybe that comes in the form of debunking. Maybe it comes in the form of a ritual or an act of banishment. Maybe it comes from helping something move on.

Are we so arrogant as a people that we can’t possible entertain the idea that we don’t know the answers to everything? If we knew the answers to everything what would be the point of science, philosophy, religions, spiritual beliefs, etc…

Do I personally believe that there are ghosts? I don’t like that term but yes, I do. I have learned a great deal through scientific readings as well as my pagan path. As stated above, I have had my own encounters and experiences. I do believe in “psychic” abilities, and the willful movement and direction of energy. I have found often when discussing this subject with many different types of people, we often come to the same conclusion but use entirely different terms to say it.

If there is ever a scientific explanation for what we believe, I welcome it. I am a firm believer in the advancements of science. On more than one occasion I have had individuals assume that because I follow a particular spiritual path that I shun science. It is absolutely the opposite of that. I like to leave the doors of my mind open to many possibilities.


6 thoughts on “Daily Writing Prompt #11 Ghosts

  1. Great stuff. Really interesting. And I pretty much agree with what you said. Hopefully one day we will have a scientific explanation for what is currently labelled the paranormal.


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