New Music Friday

I love music. I was raised listening to music. Granted it was 1950’s and 1960’s pop mixed with Southern Baptist and evangelical hymns but I was not in control of my musical choices as a child.(or religious choices, sexual preferences, or thoughts LOL) One takes what they can get. I loved to sing. I spent most of my childhood in a sort of religious, culty hell. Music was the only solace against that. As I went through those wonderful teenage years, I discovered the 80’s(I had older brothers) I was a teen during the 1990’s which gave me a lot of freedom on what style of music was out there. Plus, I got to wear baggy pants, flannels, and Doc Marten’s (which I still secretly wish I could wear everyday) I discovered Led Zepplin, Miles Davis, The Doors, Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Nirvana(don’t mock), Pearl Jam, Metallica(the decent years), Smashing Pumpkins and many, many others. I sucked it in. When I was sad, angry, depressed, lonely, rebellious, in puppy love, happy, etc…. it was my companion. My comfort was often found in music.

I listen to many different things now but somewhere along the line I got in a musical rut. Why? I am not really sure how I did that. Maybe it that I am getting older now and the TOP 20 makes me want to stab myself in the eye with a pencil and cut my ears off.  Maybe it is the crazy schedule we keep at this house. Whatever the reason, I realized a few months ago that I missed the excitement of finding something new to listen to. This lead to a weird trail of sharing what I have found once in awhile in case anyone was experiencing a “musical crisis” that I have now found myself in LOL.  In all seriousness, I thought I would post up and share and maybe other people will share their music. In the process, I might discover something new that speaks to me and help someone else find something enjoyable to listen to.

With no further adieu:

Under the Table-Banks

Don’t wanna fight-Alabama Shakes

Slacks-St. South

Got it-Marian Hill

Old Money-Lana Del Rey

Coming Home-Leon Bridges


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