Writing Prompt #18 Time of Day


Todays writing prompt is brought to us by vexingpoint.

Writing prompt #18 What is your favorite time of day?

I love night. I like the darkness and quiet it gives me. I love my “me time”. No voices requesting things from me and no obligations or appointments. Nothing to beg for my attention. I am free to do what I want. I can blog, read, watch a movie, answer emails, surf the web, etc…. Lately, I am finding less and less time to be able to do these things. My life demands me to be on 24/7. It isn’t one thing or another. It isn’t anyone’s fault. It is just simply the way my life is working right now. Sometimes my quiet doesn’t come until midnight. Last night was the perfect example. I spent the evening creating a book for schooling my little one. Guess what time that was? 11:30 p.m. I take my free time where I can get it. I am pretty sure that others are doing the same thing.

The night affords me just a little peace and respite from the chaos of the day and the day to come.  I love to walk in the dark. There is a little park where you can sit on a bench or a swing and just watch the ocean.(It is patrolled) It is one of the few times I can have clarity of thought. It is hard to see a situation or a decision clearly when there is constant noise.  I can just let my thoughts wander where they need to.

I recognize that more and more it is not always safe to be alone in the dark. Let’s face it, there  are a lot of psychos in the world. I hate that is something I have to worry about but it is what it is. I need the night and sometimes the darkness. In a way it does provide a safety blanket to me. I am free to just be, even if for a moment.

Some of the best thoughts, ideas, and writing I do is when it is dark and silent. I guess I am just simply able to let the words and ideas flow and not worry about interruptions.  I am often surprised at what come out when I have the chance to quietly sit and type.

Who knows? Maybe my future is a series of midnight excursions and thought provoking writings LOL.


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