Writing Prompt # 32 Create a Potion

Today’s writing prompt is brought to us by vexingpoint

The prompt is as follows- Create a potion.

What are the ingredients?

What does it do?

How long does it last?

I thought it would be harder to think of what I would like as a potion. The answer came quickly. I would really like to eliminate ” Ignorance”. Or to put it correctly, willful ignorance. It is something that really bothers me. Turning a blind eye is often harmful to people and the world we live in. Yet, so many people are very comfortable with this particular behavior.  It isn’t that they don’t know the difference, it is that they are willing to close their eyes and do nothing. I truly wish that I could put a stop to that.

What are the ingredients?

  1. Access to a proper education.
  2. Having open, honest conversations
  3. Heavy emphasis on books and reading
  4. Curiosity
  5. Self-censoring. Stop allowing others to dictate what you are exposed to or not exposed to.
  6. Not allowing traditions and old rules stand simply because “That is the way it has always been done.”
  7. The ability to question

What does it do?

With all of the above ingredients the subject (person or people) who are willfully ignorant would no longer be able to shut their eyes and turn the other cheek. It would force them to go through life with their eyes wide open and not stand by and do nothing. They would not be able to pretend that the bad and hurtful things don’t exists. They would no longer have an excuse for their choice to ignore the sufferings of others, the damage of our planet and society. Maybe it would mean that they would actually think about how to help with the issues instead of just worrying about “me and mine” all the time. Maybe it would mean eliminating truly harmful behavior towards others. There might be more tolerance and understanding. We might actually get something accomplished in our government besides our politicians lining their pockets at our expense.  Could we possibly stop group think? No more “Sheeple”. No more “mob mentality”.  I would truly like to have this potion take away the thoughts of one becoming the thoughts of the whole group. Maybe it would produce more individuality.

How long would it last?

As long as it was doing good, it would last. If it ever became the very thing it was trying to combat, it would have a self-destruct built in. Yeah, we might be back at square one but we can always build over from there.


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