Writing Prompt # 61

Today’s writing prompt was brought to us by vexingpoint.  If you haven’t checked out his prompts, you should really give them a go. If you are struggling for a topic or just like a new challenge, it can help you get motivated to write.

The topic today is do you prefer to read or write? I would like to say that I like to both equally, but time does not always allow for me to write. I like to write when I am inspired to do so or I have time to do so. Many times my writing is inspired by what I am reading. Often my thoughts dovetail off of things that happen in my life or in the novels  and articles I read.  What is one to do when the inspiration hits but you don’t have time to write? I jot notes down and come back to them. This is not like when you are asleep’ having a dream and make random notations that absolutely do not make sense when one wakes in the morning.(like pink bunny zombie shops for groceries) This is more like when you research and suddenly you stumble upon an epiphany. You must write it down then or risk forgetting your train of thought, thus ruining your chances for a stellar writing at a later date.

However, I digress from the original topic. I like writing but I find that I spend quite a bit of time reading. I am a very avid reader and I like to explore different genres. I get some great ideas and thoughts from reading. Authors very often put their perspectives in a book even if it is subtle. I like to find their perspective and thought process. I also like to find out why they write what they do. Anytime I can find a backstory on an author, it is similar to connecting the pieces of a puzzle. Suddenly, I can see the book I just read in an entirely different light.

Is that really a preference? I am not entirely sure. I do know that they seem to be interconnected for me so maybe it doesn’t matter. Which came first? The chicken or the egg?


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