Thanks, Hindsight (Daily Prompt)

flowing stream

A Thank you to The Daily Post for today’s writing prompt, Thanks, Hindsight.


How is this year shaping up for you so far?


I truly feel that even though this year is just in its beginning phases, that there are positive things on the horizon. Last year was very tough. I am not going to post it all and rehash it. Frankly, no one needs a night of Jack Daniels and sad R.E. M. music. I found myself last year questioning a lifestyle choice that I had desired so long. I no longer knew why I was there and could no longer identify what the benefits of it were. There was a loss for one of my partners of  his parent, chronic health issues(me), and just some serious life issues. Truth be told, I felt I was stagnant in a lot of areas, up to and including my spiritual path. We were reeling from one issue to another and it just was hard to stop, take a breath, view something clearly and move forward.

I know this sounds cliche, but when it became 2016, it felt like there was finally a change in the wind. I wouldn’t go right to the assumption that it is all going to be a bed of roses. I know there are going to be issues and struggles, but for the first time in a long time I feel like there is forward momentum in several directions.

I have been able to take an extended time out from a lifestyle that I really wanted but was feeling jaded by. I was able to identify this issue, decide what I wanted and didn’t want from it, and what direction I wanted to head with it. This year has given me the clarity and will give me the respite I need to find my happiness in it.

There was a loss in the family for one of my partners. It was very difficult and devastating for him. Hopefully, this year will be able to heal some of the hurt and he will be able to feel comfortable stepping into new things and reconnecting with life.

The family issues are still there but we are making headway on all fronts. The schooling, therapy and medical with my little one is going pretty well. With continued effort, I have some really good feelings about this year. There are always going to be challenges when you have family but we will handle them as they come along.

As far as my spiritual path, I am slowly getting back on track. I am reexamining what I want, need, desire, etc…. I have been exploring some different paths and philosophies to see what I can incorporate into my life and my practices. For me, a spiritual path and philosophy are something that I want to be able to use in my everyday life. I want to be happy in it and make others happy. I am feeling deeper sense of calm and a stronger sense of direction. The baby steps I am taking have made a huge difference. I used to have a joyous and happy pagan household. I think that we are on the path to do that again.

I have been blessed to make a very good friend this year. Other than my partners, I do not have many people that I am close to. For various reasons, I am careful who I am close to. This person is warm-hearted, kind, funny and trustworthy and I am so grateful that she is in my life. I look forward to many years of friendship.


Have your predictions come true, or did you have to face a curve ball or two?


There are always going to be curve balls. That is just a given. We are finding a different way to view them, deal with them, and handle stress. I wish we could dance all day in our fairy wings and pagan skirts but the fact of the matter is that you can’t live in a fantasy world forever. Instead of fighting the wind, there are times when you need to follow it. You may not be able to change the circumstances but you can change your views and actions towards the issues at hand. In other words, be the stream. Go around the rocks in the stream. Don’t try to go through them.




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